Make up | Bridal

What is Make up | Bridal?

Make-up is a technique that is implemented with different products in the decoration, coloring and arrangement of the facial features of a person.

It is the element that helps us to highlight the most positive aspects of our face and hide the most visible flaws.

Bridal makeup must be in keeping with your personality and, under no circumstances, you have to feel disguised or uncomfortable.

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– We have the perfect products and tools to carry out the procedure.

– The first step of our make-up process is to make sure that the skin is completely hydrated, then it will be carried out the cover of imperfection with base making sure that the skin is perfect, finally, we go to the application of make-up.

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The makeup helps you to accentuate the features of the face and give you more life and color.

Hides dark circles, scars, granites, or spots on the skin of the face, makeup is the perfect ally to help disguise them and make the skin look better.

You have professionals who make your makeup perfectly.